Back to school 

It’s that time of year again. Fighting to get back into a regular bedtime routine again and explaining why we go to bed while the sun is still up. 

This year I not only will complete the obligatory back to school clothes shopping spree and get the favorite character book bag despite the fact that it costs more than the plain one , I will also come up with about $80 of school supplies for preschool!!! I am so very grateful when I think about my single mom life that I only have to do that for one kid. (don’t get me wrong I always wanted a big family and am not knocking down anyone who had more than one kid) 

I couldn’t believe it , I really thought I had another year before I had to do that. 

It’s sad and exciting to see the summer start to disappear. The pool will be closing soon and the pumpkin everything will be in full force before we know it. 

First blog post

I should of started this a long time ago.  I sit here , divorced, single, and the happiest person. It wasn’t always that way. 

When my ex-husband said he was moving out I was devastated. I soon realized that I wasn’t devasted over the loss of “him” I was losing the idea of what I thought I needed. I was raised to be a strong woman and that is exactly what I am. 

Don’t get me wrong I loved my ex, but I also allowed for things I wasn’t ok with to go on to keep him. 

I want a partner in life and he sadly was just not it. We created a beautiful little boy together and I couldn’t be more proud of how my little man is growing up. 

I would still love to have a partner one day but he, whomever he is has to be a good match for both of us. 

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