Back to my roots

So it’s a cool 74 degrees here today. Sunny but the humidity isn’t here hanging around. So as I am laying around in my long sleeve tie dye shirt and old firefighter sweatpants (yes I used to be a firefighter) 

I decided it was a perfect day to make a batch of tomatoe sauce for canning. 

I remember my grandmother making basically everything she could and we canned every season, making sauce, jam, jelly, and simply preserving fresh veggies to be consumed later. I am grateful for the memories and the knowledge she instilled in me and I love getting to use her pot to do these tasks myself. 

So I figured I would share a bit of the process with you all. It is a good idea if you’re trying to save some money off the grocery bill and maybe you are wondering what you’re going to do with all those extra veggies from the garden. Pulling out some old school tips and tricks can help you with that! 
So let’s begin!!! 

If you’re going to make your own sauce you’re going to need a lot of tomatoes !

 Maybe you don’t need a whole case but if you have a local produce market you might want to load on up ! The case was $14.00 , I already have jars laying around and almost always have the other basic sauce ingredients on hand. I just make a basic sauce for canning and will doctor it up as I decide what I’m doing with it. 

First you need to remove the skins from the tomatoes. Now some of you may be wondering how in the world you are going to accomplish that without a lot of waste. 

It’s actually very simple , just time consuming! Making anything from scratch is going to take up some time. 

Ok so back to the easy peeling process. You will need a large pot of boiling water , a bowl of ice water (an ice bath) and an empty bowl. 

 You are going to start by making an X on the top and bottom of the tomatoes , don’t cut too deep your just scoring the skin to make it easier to peel. You can also take out the core but you don’t have to. 

Drop a few prepared tomatoes into the boiling water for 20-30 seconds , with a slotted spoon or tongs remove tomatoes from the boiling water and put them in the ice bath. 

You just want them to cool so you can handle them, don’t let them sit too long in the ice water. You will see that the skins will crack and peel , that’s what you are looking for. 

Now your tomatoes are easy to peel and ready for whatever project you’re working on ! 

Extra tip: save your veggie scraps in a freezer bag to make stock with later ! Make sure to avoid starchy foods like eggplant and potatoes. 

Homemade slime

Ok so in this house we like to do “learning” activities that don’t always seem like learning is the goal. My mini and I love science and seeing things come together. 

This was not our first go at making slime. Our first attempt a few months ago was a failed attempt with some very specific chemistry. 

So I searched the internet and found that most people were using very basic ingredients.  This is our recipe and it seemed to work out very well. I’ll post some photos too!  
I’ll start with the ingredients! 

1 1/4 bottles 4 elmers glue

 (4oz bottles , you know because they are on sale for back to school so .50 a pop works for me !) we used white , I don’t think it matters if you use white or clear 

Florescent paint (glow in the dark would be fun)  you’ll only need a few drops of this 

Liquid starch  (you can find this at your local dollar store) I used 3 tbsp per batch ( that will make sense in a minute)

Water , same deal nothing special , and again 3 tbsp per batch 

Plastic cups and forks for mixing so you can just chuck em when you’re done! 

Small piece of wax paper or parchment paper and a sandwich bag for each slime ball you make. 

Ok so I just filled a cup with water and another cup with starch for easy mixing. 
Divide the glue evenly into the other cups and stir in your paint color , use a separate utensil for each cup if you’re not going to mix colors together. 

Once your color(s) are mixed well add your water (3tbsp to each cup) and mix well , this will also take care of any splotchy color areas 

Finally add the magic !!! 

Add 3 tbsp of starch to each cup and mix until it combines. 
You might see some remaining liquid at this point , thats ok. Dump them out onto your parchment paper and let them sit for about 5 minutes. 

At this point you can pick them up and start kneeding them until they fully combine and are no longer leaving bits and pieces on your hands. (this may take several minutes , make sure your hands are clean and dry) 

Store them in zip lock bags when not in use and enjoy !!! 
Let me know if you make this recipe and how it turns out for you in the comments !! 

Have you ever tried to make slime before ? How did it work out for you ? 

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