Hat or cap ? Something like that

Somewhere along the line I became a hat person.

What is a hat person?

A milliner or hatter some may say.

Healing comes with so many benefits.

Like becoming a hat person.

I didn’t wear hats. I cared about what people thought about me and how I looked. I also didn’t wear any form fitting clothes.

Let me tell you … I like hats. I always have.

I like the windows down in the car. Hats come in handy.

Hats transform any look, hide your “I should of washed my hair today” hair , and they are always in season.

Be confident in who you are and don’t worry about the trends.

Happy Sunday y’all ! Make today a great day !

The lady in pink

How many times have you gone out in the world and intentionally done something alone ?

Now I don’t mean running to your local Walmart to get a loaf of bread. I mean intentionally doing something alone. For you. Only you.

Have you gone out to eat alone? Sat down at a table meant for four, with your single menu and enjoyed some time by yourself and your food?

As a single parent for the last 5 years I have had a few rare moments of this kind.

I used to make time for me a lot. Summer time meant days on the sand enjoying the rising sun, sound of the crashing waves and a good book until those with families show up about 11am. Then it was time to get some lunch and move on with my day.

My sons father has decided now is the time to make time, and so they are spending every other weekend together, starting with this one.

I pray that this goes well and they can build on the small relationship they currently have. Of course this is like anything else , on my sons terms. If he decides this is not something he wants then we will proceed accordingly.

When he was four he begged me to change his last name. Once I helped him understand that mommy had the same last name, and we could revisit this conversation when he was older or if I got remarried, he was ok with keeping it.

This change in season leaves me with more me time then I have had in the last 7 years and more time than I know what to do with.

As I sit in a local pizza joint, I observe the many tables filled with people. People are out in groups or on dates.

People are interesting, especially if they don’t realize someone is observing them.

For instance ….

There is a sweet elderly couple across from me, enjoying an early dinner too.

I got to witness some sweet moments most of us take for granted. They parked, and the husband made sure to walk with his wife to the door. He then opened it for her. Now they sit side by side rather than across from each other. It truly is the sweetest thing.

There is a younger couple just a few tables away. The young man looks uninterested in their conversation, and there is a lot of food on the table. They are hard to read for sure.

There is a group in the corner , they appear to be a team of some sort. They are certainly enjoying their afternoon.

Then, there is the inspiration for today’s post. The lady in pink.

She is thin built, wearing a button down pink shirt with her blonde hair tucked neatly in a bun. A floral scarf hanging loosely around her neck. Perfectly coordinated with her pink shirt.

Her glasses are black, thick, and round. They remind me of Mr.Magoo. You know the cartoon version. She in no way appears to be blind though. She too is dining alone. Enjoying her meal and reading something on a tablet.

I wonder what she is reading. I wonder if the confidence I have built will remain as I get older. I wonder if when I am older I will be just like her.

She only drank water and put a lime in her water instead of a lemon.

Lime instead of lemon…. continue to be you lady in pink.

I don’t know you, but I am glad you walked in this evening.

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