Crabby Dicks – Delaware City

If you are in the area of Delaware City or down at the beaches , Crabby Dicks is an interesting place to visit.

There are plenty of quirky things around the restaurant to keep you entertained while deciding what delectable food to enjoy!

Don’t mind the goosebumps- it was a windy day

The outdoor seating at the Delaware City location is very relaxed overlooking the Delaware River. Across the way on Pea Patch Island you will find Fort Delaware.

Whether you’re looking for your regular steam pot seafood options or just a hardy salad , you will find it here. You really can’t go wrong.

Tuna Zoodle Salad

Thompson Island Brewery

There is nothing I like more than a good local spot. The warmer weather is coming and that means people are wanting to travel and find any excuse to get out of the house. Right off of the highway in Rehoboth Beach DE you will find a crisp white building with a friendly staff and the perfect spot to spend an afternoon enjoying some delicious food.

Some things are a little quirky but the combinations work nonetheless. Check out the creamy buffalo chicken dip served with a mini can of traditional Pringles. You will find yourself scraping the bottom of the dish for more.

Don’t forget the drink menu! If you are into craft beers or sours they have you covered with a flight worth sipping!

Now if you are up for light appetizers and a flight you are all set! Let me tell you that the menu does not disappoint either!

Let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised when this was placed in front of me and I saw all of those delicious mussels! This was a great lunch with perfectly cooked shellfish to boot.

The atmosphere is clean and cozy too ! If you are in the area I highly recommend checking them out !

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