Thompson Island Brewery

There is nothing I like more than a good local spot. The warmer weather is coming and that means people are wanting to travel and find any excuse to get out of the house. Right off of the highway in Rehoboth Beach DE you will find a crisp white building with a friendly staff and the perfect spot to spend an afternoon enjoying some delicious food.

Some things are a little quirky but the combinations work nonetheless. Check out the creamy buffalo chicken dip served with a mini can of traditional Pringles. You will find yourself scraping the bottom of the dish for more.

Don’t forget the drink menu! If you are into craft beers or sours they have you covered with a flight worth sipping!

Now if you are up for light appetizers and a flight you are all set! Let me tell you that the menu does not disappoint either!

Let me tell you that I was pleasantly surprised when this was placed in front of me and I saw all of those delicious mussels! This was a great lunch with perfectly cooked shellfish to boot.

The atmosphere is clean and cozy too ! If you are in the area I highly recommend checking them out !

Break through

Every couple struggles with something right?

It’s been about 12 years since I forgot who I was. Since my spirit was broken.

I put my blinders on and I just accepted my day to day life.

I told no one , I hid everything. I let him let people think that it was me reacting to nothing.

Oh but the things they did not see or hear.

The last straw was when my shoulder and my head hit the dresser and then listening to the mattress get thrown down the stairs.

It was as if when that mattress stopped moving, all of his anger had gone from his body.

He knew I wasn’t going to let him near me this time. He knew as I sobbed on the floor screaming for him to stay away that I was done. He knew he couldn’t just say he was sorry.

I didn’t know what to do, so I locked myself in that room and waited for daylight.

I mustered up the courage not long after to pack my things and leave.

The next year I started working on a few things, this included starting martial arts.

I have done Muay Thai off and on now for about 12 years.

After 2 (yes I said 2) toxic relationships back to back, I found myself healing with every punch. It has taken me 6 years to refind myself and to talk about things in more detail.

One thing I could never bring myself to do was to roll. To do jiujitsu. Being that close to someone else while training on takedowns, chokes, holds, and more I just found myself triggered.

A few weeks ago I made the decision to start.

Today was my first jiujitsu class.

Not only was I proud of how far I’ve come, but my son who knows none of why I didn’t roll was also so proud of me.

While he didn’t (and still doesn’t) know my reasons, he knew it was something I was fearful of trying.

I thought when I broke free and started healing ; how empowering that felt.

For me- in the healing – in the journey – tonight I felt the most empowered I have felt in a long time.

So while martial arts isn’t for everyone, it is a major part of my journey.

Happy Monday y’all- be well 🤙

Harvest Tide

Shew!! Let me tell you that this seemingly small establishment nestled in Lewes Delaware will surely not disappoint if you have a few extra bucks to spend on dinner. From the warm welcome from the hostess to the rest of the staff in general, this is by far one of my new favorite places to go (kid free).

My only real tips are to come hungry (because you will want to order everything) and make sure you take a few extra minutes before your reservation to find safe parking.

The small shopping center next door to the restaurant is known for towing vehicles. There are signs posted everywhere about not parking there, and the hostess will also encourage you to not do so.

The dining room is set with dim lighting to create a calm setting. The front window section allows for natural light to come in. While there is not a view here, you will still not be disappointed.

We surely did not mind our new waitress either who was eager to make sure that we had a pleasant dining experience. What she did not know she quickly got an answer to and was super sweet. The manager came around and made sure all was well at one point too. He really seemed to take an interest in how his patrons evening was going.

Live music and good company is all you really can ask for when you are taking in an aged steak.

With a side of asparagus and a few yummy glasses of Chianti this was a superb meal. I look forward to returning for another exceptional dining experience in the near future.


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