Meet Bellaboymom

Hey y’all !

My name is Christina and I am an aspiring blogger. It took me many many years to get the guts to start and now there is no stopping me.

By day I am busy in an office for a growing insulation company.  I have a degree in Culinary Arts and am currently working on enrolling in school again for my teaching certificate.

I am a single mom of a great kid. I really can’t complain, I made out pretty well when it comes to good kids, even if I am a little bias.

A little over two years ago my world was turned upside down when the one thing I never thought I would have had to do happened. Very abruptly….. I was divorced. Divorce, the end of a lot of things. Now don’t get me wrong , my ex-husband wasn’t all bad, but it was truly a blessing for my son and I to be on our own.

So there I sat just me and my toddler while my husband packed some essentials and left our home. I cried, I was mad and hurt. I felt betrayed. It didn’t take me long to get over my pity party and get to work on making life great for my mini me.

My son is the definition of mama’s boy. I’ll wait while you look up the word in the new dictionary… yes his picture is there. (Just kidding)

As I rediscovered myself, my self worth, drive, passions, and desire to move forward. I remembered how much I love to write, as I sat down and started writing my first book. There is a short blurb from my book available to read in my blog.

I enjoy cooking, reading, being a mom, blogging, and collecting moments. I love stand up paddleboarding and combat fitness.

Some of my favorite things are buying a bottle of wine simply based on whether or not I like the label (its like playing Russian Roulette), tinkering with my cricut machine, and helping others.

I look forward to traveling, especially quick weekend trips.

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