Alternative Methods

I really am part hippy/gypsy. While I am not a camping person unless its in a camper or ac equipped cabin there are certain ways of life that just speak to me.

I found myself with an overworked shoulder that was causing me much pain and discomfort even when I was not doing my workouts.

In typical, its not a huge deal fashion, I waited to seek out medical advise (which I do not recommend to any of you).  I sought out a specialist and his opinion. He opted to load me up with anti-inflammatories and send me off to physical therapy.

I chose to go to  a place I had gone before for another issue, and was glad to see that the staff had not changed much.

We started with a plan that wasn’t doing much , so we decided to try another way. In addition to the exercises we added cupping to my routine.

Let me tell you this is one of the strangest things I have done!  I am all about alternative medicine and taking less pills that are filled with who knows what all the time.

Have you ever heard of this??

I had not until this experience.

small and medium glass “cups” were placed in various locations up and down my arm and across my shoulders.

They are designed to essentially pull the toxins from your body and increase blood flow to the injured area.  It is an odd sensation that leaves you looking like you had a fight with an octopus.


I couldn’t imagine how helpful this was until even now , months later I sit without shoulder issues 90% of the time.

As I continue with my fitness journey I am hopeful to continue with strength training that will not cause a flare up. However I know exactly what will help me through if it does flare again !

Don’t knock alternative medicines , you never know what might just work out best for you !!

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