Peace at last

Life is far from perfect and I still have a ton of growing to do.

I am still growing as a person, a child of God, a mother (and a father), a friend, and more.

Life gets messy and that’s ok as long as you surround yourself with the right people.

My people you ask. They come from all walks of life, some much further along in their spiritual work than I, others just starting out. Some days we have it all together, other days we’re lucky to put sugar instead of salt in our coffee.

On the days when it’s trying and I just don’t want to. I remember, not only the little face that watches me daily, but I remember that I am never really alone.

I can reach out to my people at any given moment and I know they will be there.

Peace is found when you are content with your journey and have finally relinquished control to God.

I know a lot of my posts here lately center around faith in some way, but I am here to tell you, the deeper I go into my spiritual relationship with myself and with God, the more things make sense.

Life will not be perfect because I have faith but I will get through it.

The power of prayer is so unimaginably powerful. I prayed and asked for prayers for my father’s health. While he has never really understood why I go to church and why my faith is so strong, I was sure to let him know when things took a turn for the better that there were hundreds of people praying for him.

All you can do in life is plant seeds of goodness everywhere you go.

Some take longer than others to grow , but eventually a flower will bloom.

Peace is an amazing feeling to have. Once you find it don’t ever let it go.

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