What I want most this holiday season

I thank God for his grace as I middle through.

Trying to teach my son to be strong and courageous. Declare it. Teach it. Own it.

With Gods help I will show him the way. It can feel like a daunting task to teach children who are watching and learning about faith during a season of difficulty in our own lives.

Sometimes even more so to teach them how to deal with their own struggles.

So how do we do this? How do we share our faith when we have had our own faith tested? Encouragement. Teach them to encourage others. It is a powerful example of Gods work in our lives.

The beauty of childlike faith is in their innocence, they find it so easy to believe. They have yet to experience the (earthly) things in life that can shake us.

I have been asked what I want for Christmas. As a single parent I can think of a million things that I want; none of which I would ask of another.

While teaching my child to understand the true meaning of Christmas and that we would be just as happy if there were no gifts I found what I really want this holiday season.

Joy. What I want most this holiday season is joy, contentment and peace. Joy is more than happiness in the moment. It is utter bliss.

It doesn’t come wrapped in pretty paper, you cannot buy it in a store.

Helping my child continue his journey to live a life following Christ and encouraging others will bring me joy. Joy that will not last just a season but a lifetime.

Have you ever sat and truly thought about what you really want ??

Please feel free to share.

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