The beginners guide to loving your enemy

Why are you nice to him? Why do you pray for them?

Giving grace to those who seem undeserving can be a hard pill to swallow. My ex husband put me through a lot. A lot that I could still be angry and hurt over.

Being angry and hurt doesn’t help me any. It certainly doesn’t do our child any good.

You cannot erase what happened but you can heal and you can move forward.

Don’t get me wrong I did not go down this path lightly. However; it is my responsibility to guide my child through life. This includes guiding him spiritually.

Our relationship with the Lord does not begin and end at the church steps.

Our faith does not lead us only on Sunday morning.

But he doesn’t deserve your forgiveness!

I have heard this from countless people. It is not that he is deserving of my forgiveness or that he is somehow a better person because I pray.

I am deserving of more than I was given. I am deserving of peace. My son is deserving of the same.

So I share with you 3 reasons to pray for your ex and their new family.

1. It promotes healing within

Praying for them is a way to honor God and offer a loving response to them even if they are unaware of our efforts. 

2. It sets a good example for your children

As C.S. Lewis so wisely put it, prayer “doesn’t change God—it changes me.”

3. God commands us to

love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matthew 5:44

It may very well be one of the most difficult things you will do, but it will lead you to a better relationship with yourself and with God.

2 thoughts on “The beginners guide to loving your enemy

  1. Love your message here, however I am not one of those who can forgive. Honestly, in several cases. I don’t WANT to forgive. Thanks for being so inspiring. 🙂


    1. Grace is not perfect. It was not and is not the easiest thing I do , but it is Gods will and I have to trust that.


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