I know what you’re thinking but that’s not what this wtf stands for.

Where’s the faith?

I have noticed that the things I post on social media about my journey through faith seem to put up a wall for some people. I notice this especially on instagram.

While my faith is about following Jesus which leads right into other things in my life. A good Christian does not boast or “force” others into Christianity.

For instance, today’s service was a perfect example of how people, even those non-believers and those who are still unsure can “live like Jesus”.

Maybe you don’t pray, or go to church. Maybe you only pray when things are going haywire. You’re busy. Life happens and you drive right past the church on your way to the mall or drinks with your friends.

It’s ok. I am not judging you. I will however stand at the door and hold it open for you. It is always open.

So back to today’s message. Be the salt.

Now I know you are wondering what in the world does salt have to do with Jesus and church ?

As we do good deeds and help one another we are spreading the salt. We (mankind) are the salt of the earth.

Being a good friend, a helping hand, a listening ear. These are all ways to be a good Christian.

You may never pick up a bible or go to a church service, and that’s ok. Like I said, I am not here to judge you.

But please do not run away from those who are standing firm in their faith. We all can learn from each other and social media connects us in a way like never before.

Happy Sunday y’all. Be the salt.

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