Letting go

The first week of kindergarten is over and we survived.

I was unsure how this week was going to go.

My son desperately wanted to be a bus rider. So that is the route we went for school. While there was a few kinks that expectedly had to be worked through for it being the first week , it was ok.

As a parent it is hard to let go. It is difficult to put your child on the bus to school and not follow it all the way there.

It is hard to give your child to the bus driver whom you don’t know and trust them to drive safely as they are loaded down with precious cargo.

You cannot live life in fear. Although there are opportunities that occur that cause fears ugly head to appear , we have to start letting our children have small bits of independence. Make their little minds start to think on their own.

We as parents have to allow this, in order to raise good humans.

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