To the alter

This morning I felt moved to go to the alter. It is such a powerful presence in my church. It is difficult to explain, you really just need to feel it.

I have never been to a more welcoming church, willing to help families through every day struggles as well as through faith.

But today although I have already given my life to Christ and await the day for water baptism to arrive I felt moved to leave my seat up in the balcony and go to the alter during this mornings worship.

I was overcome with a sense of peace and calmness which I haven’t felt all week. I really needed today’s sermon.

Have you ever felt that way ? Just drawn to something , whether it is faith driven or not. Did you know that even if you don’t feel like it’s God pushing or pulling you in that direction, I am here to say he is.

There was a time in my life where I questioned faith and church goers. What was the point ? What does it do for you? Who wants to spend a whole Sunday at church ?

I do. I want to devote my time to my faith and my church. I serve in the nursery so that families can enjoy service undistracted. I serve because I feel drawn to my purpose.

After my marriage really started falling apart, I needed my faith. I was broken. I had allowed for a man to come between myself and my faith. I was weak in my spirit and allowed him to use that to control me.

It’s an amazingly powerful thing to gain that back.

Today was one of those days that I could not help but cry. A release of all I held onto this week.

There are so many changes happening at once in my life and I know he knows I can handle it. I know there is purpose and my faith is stronger than ever.

So go to the alter. Be surrounded by his love and grace. When you’re ready.

1 thought on “To the alter

  1. Faith is such a difficult road to travel. I struggle with it a lot. I cry in church, usually at my seat. Stay strong my friend.


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