Healing on purpose

Being a strong woman comes with a price.

To become that strong woman you have to of endured a series of trials and tribulations. Some not as detrimental to your soul as others, but you do not become that strong by not having experienced things in life.

There comes a point where you must decide to heal. With God’s help you can heal on purpose.  I am borrowing this phase from a single mom’s event I recently attended where one of the small groups I attended was called just that.

I met amazing women that day.  Some came with stories like mine, others with far more, and some that just simply seemed to be there for the free stuff. (You are always going to have a few in every crowd.)

I walked into this event not knowing a soul. In years past I would have never gone had I not had at least one friend going with me. I would not have even set foot in the door unless I knew they had arrived as well.

I met a single mom with a 12 year old daughter and two grown children, suffering from cancer.  She came to the event for fellowship and for hope to feel the Holy Spirit.  I lost track of her throughout the day , but I pray that she found what she was looking for.

The lady who spoke during the healing on purpose small group was powerful and inspiring. She solidified my own journey that I started prior to this day of healing on purpose.

That strong woman, she projects to the world to hide her insecurities. She can get through anything and smiles to greet you no matter her own pain.

Feel like you’re living a lie? Giving more power to those who have wronged you than then deserve?  That is exactly what she hides from you.  The woman you see on the day to day takes all of her energy to project.

Her thoughts haunt her at night. She doesn’t let on that she is and can be vulnerable. She pushes the tears away until she is alone in the shower and no one can hear her.  She doesn’t post the negatives on social media, she doesn’t share her misery with the rest of the world because she can handle it on her own.

She is there for you during your struggles, pushing her own insecurities and issues aside to give herself fully to you while you go through yours.

I have found peace and healing in finding and understanding my faith, in being the best mom I can be, in writing this blog.  I have reconciled my relationship with myself which has in turn allowed me to seek and to find the good again in the world and in other people.

Take a deep breath. Do it again, and again until your head is clear.  Stand in front of the mirror and marvel in the strength you forgot you had.

You too can start your journey to heal, on purpose.

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    1. 💕 i am blessed to have people like you in my life supporting me and encouraging me to do more. It allows me the strength I need to do it all. Not every day is easy , but I know I’m not alone and I know it’s ok to not be ok , as long as I don’t unpack and live there.


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