Big Blessings

Sometimes in life you receive bigger blessings than you feel like you deserve but are oh so needed.

My son and I just returned from an amazing trip to Disney World. An amazing gift I could never express enough gratitude for.

I can honestly say after a week and two airplane rides with a five year old, five is most definitely the youngest age a child should be to take on those parks.

There is so much to see and do (did I mention the food?) a week was certainly not enough time.

Be grateful. Be present.

Traveling tips:

  • “baby” items are free to transport.  You can either check them with your checked luggage or you can take them with you to the gate.
  • make sure you have a carry on for yourself as well as your little one even for a 3 hour flight. Having small activities and snacks as well as all of your electronic chargers and battery packs with you are essential.   Remember you had to pay for a seat for them so you are both entitled to a carry on (and if you’re a purse user it doesn’t count , its a personal item)
  • Plan for problems.  Pack the nebulizer, Tylenol and all other necessary pharmaceuticals
  • Pack an extra empty bag in your main suitcase because you are more than likely going to be taking home more than you brought with you
  • bring a comfort from home, I brought a favorite throw blanket of ours
  • limit the electronics you bring, be present in your adventure
  • it is worth the $15.00 to rent a stroller per day at the parks should you need a stroller at all (we utilized one for the 2 days at Magic Kingdom as it was the last park we ventured through)
  • make standing in line fun
  • August is not the month to go if you are not able to withstand the humidity
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