Not everyone is a jerk

Our little life is super busy here lately between sports, work, school, school activities, church and church activities,and my own health journey (I am down 29 pounds for the year by the way)

We are constantly on the go. Meal prep is an essential part of my life. I am amazed at single parents that do this with multiple kids.

My point is, we are all in a rush. We rush to get to the store and then we use our minds to rush the other cars and people walking through the parking lot. We huff at the long lines or the person who dares to have even just one coupon.

I always find myself people watching when we are out and being a single parent has taught me more patience than I ever thought I could have.

We greet the greeter at Walmart and the cashier. We smile and say excuse me even though we may be in a hurry , I try to not be in a hurry. I never want for my child to feel like just because we are in a rush that it’s ok to be a jerk to others.

We can not control the world around us, but we can certainly control ourselves.

I saw a quote a few years ago and even wear a wave ring every day to remind myself to just keep breathing. Not everyone is a jerk.

” you cannot stop the waves from coming but you can learn how to surf”-unknown

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