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I have never coached anything or anyone in my life; but here I am. Soccer coach to 12 amazing little people.

Thinking of my already full plate, single mama working 2 jobs, full time parent, regular home life, blog, direct sales business, mma enthusiast, where does coming up with drills and games come into play? Where will I find that extra hour to sit down and come up with a practice game plan for the next 8 weeks? Somehow some way I have done it.

I do not see myself as the greatest coach( I didn’t even play sports…. ever) but the kids are learning and having a blast. That at this point is all that matters. Someone had to step up and no one else seemed to want the job.

I was completely inspired by our coach from last year. He unfortunately for us took a job elsewhere , which left us parents with a difficult decision. Stay with the league we were in or move on.

Some stayed with the same league but through chats on the fields and through my own experience from the registration period, no one is happy. We were certainly spoiled with a great coach. John always had the kids attention and they loved every second of practice.

I took his love and willingness to help each child with me as I started my coaching journey this season.

I’m not afraid to admit I was petrified at first.

I sent out an email to everyone introducing myself and laying out the expectations.

The first practice came and went as well as each game.

We survive each one gracefully.

God put this in my path, and I am grateful for it. You see while I am teaching these littles some soccer skills and how to be a good sport, they are reminding me to have patience, and to slow down a bit. They remind me that the simplest thing can make you smile.

So if you’ve signed up to coach littles soccer , remember you will only have their attention for a short bit so keep them moving, keep it positive, and keep it fun.

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