Always fornever part 2

Picking up where we left off Michelle and Brad had reconnected briefly at the park.

Need to catch up ? Check out the beginning by clicking here!

Michelle always held Brad in a special place in her heart. No matter the distance or the relationship she was in, he was always there even if she didn’t realize it.

Brad asked her to meet him for a casual dinner. A few days after the encounter at the park they agreed to meet for dinner at a local tavern.

Knowing that Michelle loved a good atmosphere and live music, the place to go was an easy choice. She felt that the atmosphere in a restaurant helped to enhance the meal. They decided to meet there although Brad desperately wanted to pick her up and escort Michelle there himself.

The tavern was beautifully renovated. An old brick building built originally in the late 1800’s, the bricks were weathered inside and out. The dining room was filled with quiet chatter. Tables encircled a fireplace that made it feel like home.

She arrived early and was taking in the place when Brad walked up behind her. Her long blonde hair draped over her shoulders neat and clean just as she had always worn it. He smiled as he saw her observing the place. Brad tapped her on the shoulder, an instant ear to ear smile crept across his face as their eyes met. Her hazel eyes sparkled in the light from the dining room. “Shall we?” He asked. Michelle smiled sweetly , tucked her hair behind her ear, slid her arm through his. They made their way to the dining room sitting at a small corner table where you could see the whole dining room.

“So… ” The awkward silence of where to begin could of been cut with a knife. Michelle knew how her heart felt when she was around Brad, but she also knew his history with women.

Through all their years, Michelle had never really told Brad how she felt about him. The timing was never right. Her mind wandered as she was trying to review the menu.

The last time she had the courage to say something to him about it he had asked her over to his house in Federalsburg.

They cooked dinner together and just before settling in to watch a movie he told her about someone he had met and was beginning to have feelings for.

So, instead of shouting “pick me!” she put her feeling aside and encouraged him to pursue the new relationship since he hadn’t been on any real dates since his divorce.

“Michelle ….. Michelle … ” Brad tried to get her attention.

She snapped out of her trance. “I’m sorry Brad I was just so lost in the menu.” Michelle tried to pretend she hadn’t been thinking of their past.

The last time they were in each others lives, Michelle had cut things off with Brad when he tried to have a secret friendship.  At the time, Brad was married and Michelle was unattached. However, he was in a rocky marriage that he did not have enough faith in himself or the wavering trust of his wife at the time to say that he had reconnected with Michelle.

Having been in several relationships where she had been lied to repeatedly, she could not bear even a secret friendship.  Having to wait for him to reach out to her and knowing he was deleting messages daily did not sit well with Michelle. She told Brad that unless things changed in some way she could not continue the way things were.  She hung up on him that day, not saying goodbye and then proceeded to cry in the parking lot of her job.

Brad desperately wanted to reconnect with her. He knew that he had hurt her over the years more than once, he had to move slowly. Michelle had been through so much, she had a hard time trusting men in a romantic manner, especially him.

Dinner went well and conversation flowed like there had been no gaps in time at all.


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