Pets vs Asthma

It was a sad day in our house after a follow up visit to the pulmonologist a few months ago.

My son and I continued our family tradition of taking in those in need and had taken in 2 very sweet guinea pigs. We got them just prior to the upcoming holiday season. He was so excited since he had been begging me for a pet that wasn’t a fish for months.

So Smores and Raisin joined our little family.  Not long after Halloween my son started coughing pretty regularly. Now we are already planning on official asthma testing when he is old enough since lung development plays a huge role in the quality of the test.

Anyway I determined that some allergy testing was warranted and off we went.  I could not have been more impressed with how well my son did with the blood draw to see if the guinea pigs had to go or not. I mean I know grown men who can’t sit that still and not cry when the needle goes in their arm.

The results came back and our hearts were torn. Our new little friends needed another new home. Luckily, I was able to rehome them to another loving family who wanted them as much as we did.  They are well cared for and through a mutual friend I can get updates on how they are doing.

I always try to pay it forward and to add some good to the world. This was a win-win situation. No more constant coughing at home and our furry friends are still surrounded with love.

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