Team Mommy\Thomas

The adventures of 2018 have begun and we are off to a good start!

A trip to Adventure Aquarium a few weekends ago proved to be very exciting, especially the walk over the shark bridge! It was a very cool experience to be just inches over the water and observe the sharks and stingrays from above. 

My little guy was so excited to finally see the hippos. We got there just at feeding time so it was very cool to see them devour two whole heads of lettuce. 

Getting to watch your child’s little eyes light up when they see nature at its best is amazing. While I know this , it was still impressive to see… hippos are HUGE !

There is so much to see there, it is definitely a good afternoon trip. I recommend going to your local aquarium and checking it out. I do recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time (even if you do it from the parking garage) so you don’t have to stand in line for an hour of your trip. Just take your email over to the will-call line and in you go!

Another getaway

I am blessed to have a little one who thinks learning is fun so we spent the weekend near the Wallops Island visitors center and enjoyed an Easter themed Saturday there.

It is always an experience getting to see the Assateague ponies, don’t be in a hurry if you go to the beach area mid morning as they are not in any hurry to get off the roadway.

Since its their home, you’ll just have to wait it out ! There are so many free or low cost activities to do there it is a great place to visit both on and off season.

On our travels we tend to take a few detours on the way home.

Have you ever been on a major highway and you just pass by those brown signs telling you that something historical is near by?

Well…. we don’t typically pass them by.  I see it as my Grizzwald moments.

I have not only broadened our educational levels, added some fun and interesting memories to our memory bank BUT I have also come across some of the greatest hole in wall places to eat!

Off the beaten path is a great place to be sometimes!

So get out there and see what 2018 has to offer you!  More adventures to come for #teammommythomas

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