You are not going to die

6am Friday morning. Who doesn’t want to do an extra workout before the sun?

I used to think that crazy people were the only ones who would get up before the sun to do such things.

Here I am 23 pounds lighter, stronger, full of energy, willing to get up before the sun to get in an extra work out. Yes you read that right , I said extra.

Saturday is the last day of this challenge and while I don’t think I will eat 100% clean all the time. It is much easier to do so and not feel any remorse for not eating crap.

Let’s face it, if you’re not eating Whole Foods that you know where they came from , that is in fact what you’re eating…. crap. Processed , chemical filled junk. Don’t get me wrong some of it is super yummy, but it is definitely not good for you or your body.

Since January 1st of this year I have sweated gallons, wanted to cry, overcome existing injuries and even my own little voice telling me to quit.

I won’t sugar coat this for you. Working out sucks. It’s going to be hard , some times you’re just not going to want to do it at all , but do it anyway.

Had a bad day ? Go work it off at the gym or on your living room floor.

I have found combat fitness and Muay Thai to be my “thing” . I can’t wait to go even on the days I am “too tired”. When class is over I feel amazing and empowered.

So get out of your own way and go get some! I am not one to share photos past my shoulders but I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It also again promotes that I am a real human doing real progress. No gimmicks , no fad diets, no special products. Just good nutrition and workouts that only require my body.

I still have some work to do but it’s a process and that you can never forget.

Good luck if you’re on this journey ! Happy Easter y’all !

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