Project skinny jeans update

Hey y’all !! Hoping you are having a fabulous week! I know that besides mother nature’s temper tantrum I am both glad tomorrow is Thursday as well as happy with this week.

So January 1 , if you haven’t been following I decided like a ton of people do to get healthy. I also decided to share it with all of you! I am currently down 21 pounds ! You heard that right … 21 pounds ! I am beyond excited to have met that goal.

In these short 3 months I have lost weight , gained muscle, gained a new family (I highly recommend combat fitness) . The group of people here at my gym are amaze-balls. The atmosphere in this gym is enough to keep you going.

I stand here tonight finishing my late dinner because I know if I sit I am done for. Believe me when I say I really need a shower at this point. I left it all on the mat. A new goal besides liking how I look in the mirror and how I feel is to leave sweat on the mat. Each class I leave a little more.

I will post pictures soon enough probably next week. You know to show you that I’m a real person, doing real workouts , losing real weight.

Monday night was a killer class session. We completed as a group, 6 rounds of each exercise. A set of 50,40,30,20,10,1. That’s 151 of each if you don’t feel like doing the math.



👊Jump squats

👊Posture control sit-ups


This was after a grueling warm up that most people would have quit after. In this class no one does anything alone. So after a quick break of pulling myself off the mat , I jumped right in to help encourage another girl who was struggling. Somewhere I found the energy to do a few more rounds.

I hope that if you set a goal for yourself at the beginning of the year you are actively going for it. I hope that you have been blessed and found time to be a blessing somewhere else in the world.

Night y’all , and remember if you’re working out you can always do 1 more rep!

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