10 quick tips to breakfast on the fly

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day right?

Starting your metabolism off with a kick start of nutrition in the morning fuels your body and gets you ready for the day.

I don’t know about you but my mornings are go go go and out the door. Get up, work out, get dressed for work, make lunch, make breakfast, check on the kid and guinea pigs, possibly fold a basket of laundry or empty the dishwasher. Run down the list and make sure everything and everyone is accounted for.

Whew. I am exhausted just thinking about my weekday mornings! So to make myself a little less stressed I utilize the following quick tips.

1. Overnight oats

Enjoy the many flavor options that hearty oatmeal give you? Make a few overnight oats to grab on your way out the door for a few days. Add fresh fruit , chia seeds, nuts , spices, Greek yogurt etc.

2. Mini muffins

Mix up a few batches of mini muffins and store in snack bags near your fruit bowl. Grab a muffin bag and a banana and your out the door in no time !

3. Pre-made omelets

Using the same pan you made your muffins in whip up some eggs with a little salt and pepper. Cut up some veggies or left overs and fill your muffin pan. Cover the mix-in’s with egg and bake for about 20 minutes or so until the eggs are set. Allow to cool and store in a Tupperware container in the fridge.

4. Hard boiled eggs

Go ahead and grab some more snack bags. Make several hard boiled eggs and peel ahead of time. Put an egg or two in a snack bag and store in the fridge.

5. Smoothies

A great way to get some of your greens in while enjoying a sweet breakfast treat! Baby kale and spinach are great add ins!

6. Fruit pancakes

Simply take a banana, Apple, and an egg.

1 banana smashed

1 small apple peeled and grated

1 egg

A dash of cinnamon and vanilla

Mix all ingredients together and fry up like a regular pancake.

Drizzle with local honey or eat plain.

🌿 Bella bit : throw overripe bananas in the freezer and store until ready to use in smoothies , pancakes, or banana bread. Trust me you’ll thank me later.

7. Avocado toast

While there isn’t much prep work on this one it takes hardly any time to make and will fuel you through to lunch. Toast up your favorite bread or English muffin. Smash up half of an avocado with a bit of salt and pepper. Spread the prepared avocado onto your toast and drizzle with local honey. Yum!

🌿 Bella bit : when only using half of an avocado use the half that doesn’t have the pit. Store the side that still has the pit wrapped up tight in the fridge with a little lemon or lime juice for a day or two.

8 Poached eggs

These babies are ready in minutes from your microwave!

You will need:

a deep microwaveable container


1-2 cracked eggs

1 cup water

Put your eggs in the bowl of water and cover with the plate. Now depending on your settings you may have to adjust the time. I have a 1200 watt microwave so they take about 2 minutes. Perfectly poached eggs every time! Watch it the first time to make sure they don’t explode everywhere !

9. Tacos

Who doesn’t have left overs after taco Tuesday ? Scramble up an egg with some of that left over veg, wrap it up in a tortilla with some salsa or taco sauce and BAM! Now you have a yummy travel friendly taco , just don’t forget to turn off the stove !

10. Make ahead breakfast sandwiches

Instead of buying the really expensive breakfast sandwiches from the freezer section you can make your own batch. Just prep your sandwiches, build, wrap in parchment paper and freeze. Grab one when your ready and throw it in the microwave for a minute or two.

As a busy single mom time is of the essence most days. Anything to help iron out the kinks is welcome and with these tips , breakfast becomes less of a hurdle. I hope it can help y’all too.

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