The other woman

It is no secret that I have sole custody of my mini. It is also no secret that my ex doesn’t come around much either.

Not long after our separation my ex found himself in another relationship. They have been together this whole time and are getting married in April.

For a long time I have wondered about his girlfriend, now fiancé.

Some people in similar situations might be bitter or hateful, but I have found that while my ex is by far not my favorite person it does me no good to hold onto anger and negative feelings.

This past weekend his fiancé and I sat down to meet , officially, for the first time. It was nerve wracking until she got there. I made sure to get there early to get a good seat. We agreed on our local Starbucks as we both enjoy the establishment and there really isn’t a lot of places in our area to be able to just sit and talk.

We sat and talked for two hours. Nothing was forced and while we discussed some important things , it didn’t feel like that much time had passed by. By the end of it all I think I like her. We agreed to get the kids together casually soon.

I never imagined myself married , divorced , and dealing with another person who may care for my child. It is not the life I imagined but it is my life. It is reality.

So I look for the positives. Both her and I wanted to meet up , we both wanted to get to know each other, we both want things to be smooth.

Plans are set to slowly introduce my mini to her and her daughter and explain that they are important people to his dad.

I am not looking for the blended family who all wears matching shirts , but I am hopeful for a blended family that coexists peacefully and joyfully.

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