Life and creme brûlée

There is one thing that has stayed with me after getting my culinary degree other than the amazing knowledge of food and techniques I learned. That one thing is that life is like making a basic creme brûlée. I know for a fact that if I temper eggs and add cream and sugar it will thicken and become sweet. I know that it takes patience and my full attention to complete this task. I know that it takes a steady hand and a strong whisk.

We can apply these same techniques to our every day life. We know that with patience and kindness we can brighten someone’s day.

It doesn’t do me any good to floor it around a car just to end up at the next red light together.

Today my son and I were in Walmart and while we were finishing at the checkout a young mom and her two children got in line behind us. She loaded her items onto the belt as her youngest started fussing. She continued with her task and without skipping a beat began singing “you are my sunshine”

My son was in awe of her. She sang beautifully. This song is our song, he has a stuffed dog that he can take with him anywhere he goes and if he misses mommy he can squeeze his belly and hear me singing our song.

We told her she sang beautifully and then my son decided she was going to sing it back to this stranger. The beauty in this moment was that we all stopped and took in the moment.

The kids, this lady I’ve never seen before and the cashier. Once my son was done with the last verse she told him how beautiful of a job he did.

We told them to have a blessed day and continued on with our life.

We had some time to burn before my gym class started so we wondered into the dollar store to get a few things. When we got into the checkout line, we were behind this same small family. We said hello and chatted briefly and parted ways, laughing that we ran into each other again. Today just to digress a bit was a rainy foggy day. The youngest this lady had with her was in a carrier car seat.

So when we walked out to load our car I decided we would put the cart away for them. It’s hard enough to get one child loaded into a car, let alone two and put the cart away. They thanked us and we parted ways again.

We will probably not ever see this family again but I can’t help but think that the small moments today affected us all in a positive manner.

In light of so many events here lately I feel we should spread a little more joy and giving. Every good deed counts.

So make some creme brûlée, in your kitchen and in your every day.

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  1. really enjoy reading your stories, this one even more so.. what a perfect analogy ..wish i could have heard thomas sing… you my friend are truly amazing

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