Down 12

I am down 12 pounds since January 1. This has included a few cheats and a few slices of cheesecake. I imagine how much more it could of been if I had not indulged.

However , just to update y’all I am making sure to not drink my calories and have developed a liking for sparking water because I just need the bubbles.

Today I started an 8 week combat fitness challenge in addition to my trips to the Y. I look forward to seeing more results and sharing my journey with you.

Make certain this is hard. It’s not easy to get up before the sun down some water and dive into a heart racing sweat filled workout. It is not easy to commit to working out for another hour after a long days work, but I will. The amazing support around me is unreal. 28 more pounds to go !

Who’s rooting for who tomorrow ? Comment below!!

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