Finding Center

I don’t know about you but me myself and I over here on the east coast is done with this cold weather, short days, and dry skin.

Spring cleaning had started in this house in so many ways. It can be a long and difficult task to find yourself again after you go through a divorce. I lost myself in my marriage. I am so thankful to be able to say I found myself again. I love to write (hence the blog) and share with the world. I love to help people and be involved in the community. I love to be healthy and I am throwing myself into that feet first.

✔️Better eating habits

✔️increased physical activity

✔️done beating myself up if I eat a piece of pizza or a cookie

✔️drink more water

✔️ get better sleep

The other night we made a batch of hot chocolate (keep reading for my recipe) and binged watched veggie tales until bedtime. I know that he won’t always want to snuggle up so I take each moment and savor it.

We returned to our local church last Sunday and surprisingly the message was about reaching out to the lost and helping them find their way. Not necessarily to the church but towards Jesus’s word.

Now I am not an overly religious person by any means and will never force my beliefs onto someone who doesn’t want to hear them, but I felt like that we were meant to return and reconnect to the church community last week. Message received I said.

So I have started to declutter both physically and mentally. Cleaning out closets, discovering Christmas gifts I had hid and forgot all about (trust me this kid of mine needs nothing) especially since his uncle brought him another new gift just the other day.

We’ve donated, sold, and thrown away. I feel amazing and while I am feeling more centered by doing all of these things I have also lost 10 pounds since the start of my project skinny jeans!

Spring cleaning can be whatever you need it to be and I am so ready for spring I’ve started cleaning now.

How do you spring clean ?

Homemade hot chocolate

Quantities of ingredients are going to depend on how much you’re planning on drinking but here’s a rough idea! For just a cup or two use ….

4 squares of chocolate to 1 cup of milk

A dash of vanilla

1/4 cup sugar or less depending on your sweet tooth

Add all ingredients to a small sauce pan and heat slowly.

Once chocolate is dissolved and all ingredients are combined ladle into mugs and enjoy!

Top with marshmallows or fluff if desired

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