Reality. We are not all 5’10” blonde and without an ounce of body fat to show. I am 5′ , blondish from a bottle and have a little extra fluff. Magazines , runways and tv still try to portray this image even though the industry is showing beautiful women of all shapes and sizes rocking the runway and being the star behind the camera.

My project skinny jeans project as previously stated is not to get “skinny” I have had a baby by cesarean. When he was 3 months old I had another abdominal surgery to remove my gallbladder. Talk about your body not knowing what way is up and trying to heal again. I slacked on healthy food choices and exercise when I was able to start moving around again. So between being laid up much longer than expected and eating whatever I wanted I over the years have grown to really not like my own body.

The last time I decided I was over it and going to go for it I was unable to do much of the traditional workouts because of a plantar fasciitis issue. We tried everything, I fought through the pain just to walk most days. Eventually surgery was the only option. I was so scared when I was told I could walk without the boot that I almost forgot how to walk. I feared pain , I feared falling down. I got over it and slowly started getting back to normal. I started changing my eating habits little by little and researching low impact work outs.

I just want to share with y’all that we all face many obstacles on this journey , you just have to find a way around them that works for you. Need help? I’m no expert but I am willing to lend a hand and be there for you to lean on when you start judging yourself for eating that brownie.

It’s all about balance. My balance is not your balance and we need to get those thoughts of a cookie cutter one plan fits all out of our heads.

I suggest reading the 20/20 diet book and researching workouts that fit your lifestyle and body needs.

I found piyo and going to the YMCA on occasion to be my solution. I don’t make it to the Y often by piyo can be done in my bedroom or the living room and the only equipment I really need is myself.

Happy Monday y’all. I hope you all have a blessed day.

Are you on this journey with me ? Have a question? Please email me if you’re super shy or leave a comment below !

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by anyone to suggest the workouts I’m using or Dr.Phils book.

Update: There are however links for reference with no obligation to purchase.


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