Just do it

I have discovered, what I already knew. I was in my own way.

Get out of your own way!! Food prep is hard. Healthy is hard. If it was super simple you would find scrumptious healthy choices right next to the box of donuts in the convenience store. You could get an açaí bowl instead of a buy one get one pack of tasty cakes. That is not the world we live in so you or we have to make those choices for ourselves.

No one eats the same foods.

I don’t have time to make 6 meals to make everyone happy.

I don’t want to get up earlier.

I am too tired after work.

Every one of those statements is just us getting in our own way. There is a way to make it happen and a way to make it easier. If you have a larger group to feed please leave how you accomplish healthy in your household in the comments ! I’m sure someone out there could use your suggestions.

I try to keep things as simple as possible.

Making breakfast? Go ahead and boil some eggs for egg salad and snacks. Pre-peel then and put them in snack bags for grab and go. My mini loves to help so he gets in on the peeling process . Put your freshly hard boiled eggs in a container with water and shake them up to break the shells away from the egg. Easy peasy!

Cutting peppers for stir-fry ? Cut some extra for snacks! You’re already in the kitchen cutting anyway right ?

Snack bags are your friend. I found these at the dollar store and love them Whatever it is you do , do what makes you happy and life easier.

My mini doesn’t eat Spanish style anything. He doesn’t like the flavors of the spices. So taco night he gets a quesadilla with chicken and cheese. I throw some lettuce (salad) on his plate and either some fresh fruit or another veggie he likes so he’s got more then a tortilla and cheese. Everyone else just builds their own taco ! Our last taco night I used my indoor grill to make some fish so that I had a healthier version for me. Nothing cost me any extra time and everyone ate a meal they were happy with.

It is my goal to be the best version of myself for me and for my mini. My why is so important. What is yours ?

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