There is nothing more scary than the look on your doctors face when he tells you with his face before words come out of his mouth that something is really wrong.

About 2 months ago now I tripped over a tree root while carrying my sleepy/sleeping toddler up a hill. My only goal when I started to stutter step was to not fall or drop my child. Had I fallen or dropped him it would of been him that was hurt since this tree was right by the parking lot.

Anyway in turn I twisted my knee. I shrugged it off and went on with life for about 2 weeks before I felt like I must of really done something.

Now my doctor has seen me since I was about 5 years old. Nothing like an old fashioned family doctor. So as he finished his evaluation of my knee I knew before he said it. Something is torn. Slight tear to the meniscus.

Here I am weeks after my appointment and desperately looking for alternatives to self treat. I am taking the anti-inflammatory as directed but I fear going to an orthopedic is going to result into the words you need surgery. Have any of you experienced this ? Was there anything you did that was helpful ?

Not sure if you caught on or not but if I can avoid a doctor visit I will!

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