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This weekend I helped my son celebrate his fifth birthday. I don’t know where the time has gone. I feel like I was just holding him after an extremely long labor process.

The doctor told me after 12 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing that we were not doing things my way anymore. My health was beginning to fail , so to ensure that my mini me wasn’t going to be born without a mother, she took him cesarean.

Over this past weekend I think back to that time and I look at my little boy and my heart is so very full.

I threw him a party with his favorite friends. When it came time for cake and to open presents he graciously thanked everyone for their gifts as I told him who they were from before he even opened it. How cool is that to have such a thankful soul in such a little person? I am truly blessed to have him as my son.

It amazes me every day the things that I learn from him while he is learning from me and the rest of the world.

One thing I was reminded of as our day went on was this…

I don’t know who originally said it but nonetheless;

” Anything that costs you your happiness is too expensive”

All day; up until the party, I wondered if his father was going to get off work early and come to the party or try to reach out in some way since Saturday was our sons actual birthday. The only thing that was received was a simple text message early in the morning asking me to tell him that he said happy birthday.

As I watched my son so involved in a room full of people who adore him, I couldn’t help but remember the quote I mentioned above. All too often we allow others to steal our thunder or our happiness.

Nothing stole my sons happiness. He even stated that it was the best birthday ever. My heart again , over joyed and full.

Raising a grateful child with a good soul fills me with a joy that no one can alter.

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