If we were talking over a cup of coffee right now I would first like to know where we are since around here there are very few places that you can still do that.

It makes me a little sad that there really are not many places that you can simply gather with others. The only true coffee shop that was around here was the coffee beanery. Even though it was in the mall you could still get a cup of coffee and sit. One of my favorite activities when I’m in a place that I don’t feel rushed to get my items and leave is to people watch.

Observing the world around you can be inspiring or even educational. It has given me opportunities to meet new friends, network or simply make a small impact on someone’s life. You never really know what a smile and simple hello can do for someone.

The art of communication seems to of been lost over time as technology has taken over our world. People do not seem to know how to talk to someone else. I feel like if we were sitting over a cup of coffee in a relaxing place , we would be able to disconnect for a short while without our phones and just talk.

Maybe we would talk about hopes and dreams. Maybe we would talk about a current problem one of us may be having, maybe we would simply talk about life in general.

You never know where a simple conversation may lead you.

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