The bigger picture

Did you know that a star explodes and dies every second of every day? While this is happening we are focused on the fact that tomorrow is Monday and that we have to go back to work.  I have learned since my divorce to not focus so much on things that do not deserve my energy. As long as my son and I are healthy and happy with a roof over our heads nothing else really matters. We give back to the community and to others throughout the year and make sure to say thank you for all that we are blessed with.  While thinking of the tweet that inspired this post, I am reminded to breathe.  It is ok to not always do all of the dishes after dinner. It is ok to sleep in late on a Saturday morning and eat left over pizza for breakfast (on occasion).  While it is important to clean up and eat healthy it is also just as important to show my son that sometimes we just are. We just snuggle and watch some mindless cartoon show and laugh together.

We make a plan to start our day which includes finishing the dishes from the night before and planning a healthy dinner.   It is just as important to recognize the stillness in life as it is to bust through all the things that need to happen.  A star dies every day. What if tomorrow the star that dies is our sun?  It certainly will not matter that I didn’t finish the dishes the night before. My heart however will be filled with all the love and compassion that I instilled in my child and knowing that we live a full life, not be material things and tasks but by giving and living each day.



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