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Where do you write? I find that sitting in my favorite chair is by far my favorite place to write. I just sink into the soft cushions and a cozy blanket and dive right into my post.

I find that it does matter where you are when you are trying to do a task such as writing. I always found that when I was sitting at the kitchen table doing homework, my homework seemed to take much longer than if I was sitting in my favorite spot or the floor in my room. Of course back then I wasn’t typing anything and didn’t have a phone nor the ability to create from my phone.

Ideally I would love for that comfy space to include a view of a lake or beautiful wooded area but its just me and the four walls of my living room. Usually the TV is on in the background. What I love when I get to write in that space is that I get to zone out to another place and just be. Just write. Just share. These tasks usually take place after the mini-me has been put to bed so my mind is free to wander a bit and focus.

Sometimes I find myself looking for inspiration for topics to write about. So, dear reader I ask of you to share with me something that you would love to learn about, read about, or experience through written word. I would love to hear from you.

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