WP 12.2.17

Every day there is something that sparks a memory, an emotion, an idea.  What we then do with it is completely up to us.

I was given the task to pick one of these images and write about it. I have always found these types of assignments to be the most difficult as all four images resonate with me in some way.  It is amazing how imagery can spark those very things that we wouldn’t of otherwise thought of.

For instance , from top left to bottom right, the first image is of a female standing at a woods edge. I imagine her standing on a patio of some sort, maybe at a cabin in a camp ground or at the top of a mountain sipping her morning coffee and reflecting on the simplicity of life.  I often find that sometimes I need to disconnect from all the technology in the world even if its just for a day to reconnect with myself. I always feel refreshed when I do that.

The second image is my favorite, simply because it is in black and white. There is just something about a black and white photo that makes me focus on all of the details rather than just one. I am certain that this church is beautiful and majestic. A place where someone would feel comfortable coming to pray or seek healing.

The third photo.  How simple was it to be a kid who just wanted to jump into a lake? Not a care in the world, just a basic desire to enjoy life. It reminds me to do just that, enjoy.

Finally the busy train station I am assuming is probably somewhere like New York city or Chicago. Everyone in a hurry to get somewhere, probably not paying any mind to the other people around them.  Unless of course they got bumped into. I imagine a lot of waiting and impatience happening as people are going from here to there.

Each one of these photos individually makes me feel a certain way. As a whole they remind me to make sure to take time to slow down in life and be apart of the memory making.

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