Why do I write?

Sometimes I wonder why I do things. Why I start certain tasks. I write for many reasons . I write because it’s freeing to get thoughts, feelings, and ideas out of my brain that never seems to stop running. I write to inspire someone else to write or to begin a project or adventure they have been waiting to try. Maybe you’re holding back for some reason.

I know that when I first started this blog I was so nervous about what people would think. I was afraid of negativity. The more I post the more confidence I build in myself. The more freedom I feel to know that while I value your feedback on how to grow my blog and love to interact with all of you through comments and by reading your content the more I know that by sharing my thoughts and ideas I am not only helping myself but potentially helping others. You never know how a simple smile or word or greeting could positively effect someone’s day. As humans we naturally feed off of each other, why not feed off of kindness , friendship, and love ?

I write to be apart of the good in the world.

Published by Bellaboymom

hard working, faith driven, combat fitness enthusiast who enjoys reading , traveling , paddleboarding , helping others, and cooking.

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