Carside to go

There has been to go options for restaurants for years now. Grocery stores are now getting in on the service as we enter a fast paced now now now society.

So I finally tried Walmart’s new pickup feature tonight.

It was an awesome experience to say the least !

While I was disappointed in my available time slots (the earlier ones were probably filled quickly) it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I went down my list yesterday afternoon and placed all the things I needed in the shopping cart. I selected my time and day of pick up and paid for my order.

Tonight , before my designated time I received an email telling me that my order was ready and to go ahead and check in when I was on my way. Once there I parked in a designated spot and an attendant came out to greet me and verify the name of the order I was picking up.

Another attendant came out a few minutes later with my groceries and loaded them in my car. A few items were substituted and that was ok because I was ok with what they gave me instead.

Pricing was adjusted etc. I also got a free jar of tomato sauce and some silly samples in an adorable bag as a thank you for trying out the service.

Walmart isn’t paying me for this review I just simply wanted to share with all of you the great experience I had.

You can use this link to get $10 off your Walmart pick up order.

Happy Sunday y’all !

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