Before or after ?

So we are a few days post Thanksgiving festivities and like always there is too much food no matter the number of guests in attendance.

Bellies are full for days. Tonight we had fish to break up the turkey coma. There are only so many plates of left overs one can manage.

At this point you’re probably wondering what my title is about. Well here we go ! Do you decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving? It has always been tradition in my family to decorate a few weeks before Christmas and there was no Christmas before hand. As I have grown up (shhh don’t tell) I have accumulated a few traditions of my own which all changed again after my son was born. The rule is now no Christmas decorations until after his birthday. I want for him to always know and feel that his birthday is special and separate from the holiday madness. Especially since the stores have Thanksgiving stuff out at Easter (ok that might be a little stretch) but it sure feels that way. They are constantly shoving the materialistic side of the holidays down our throats for a good portion of the year.

Last year , his 4th birthday it was the first time I let him decide about Christmas decorations coming out. This year will be the same. We’ve talked about wants for both Christmas and birthday lists and how we are going to give back this year but the conversation of decorating our house hasn’t come up yet.

The only thing that is 100% certain to come out is the Advent calendar.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by those you hold near and dear.

Post your Christmas musts in the comments ! I’d love to hear them !

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