My house smells better then yours

What a day it’s been !

It’s a rare find to have a day that isn’t already planned out from the moment we wake up til the moment we go to bed.

Today was one of those days. So we stayed in our pjs and binge watched some of our favorite movies on Netflix.

I did take the time to make a batch of Apple butter and salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.

The cookies were store bought and while they taste and smell amazing , getting them off the cookie tray was a difficult task. Nonetheless they tasted great and we enjoyed standing by the stove eating them.

But the Apple butter …. oh the Apple butter. There is something about fresh baked goods and nostalgic scents of fall and the holiday season that can just make your day.

For me, Apple butter is one of those scents.

Eat it straight out of the pot , chill it , jar it , freeze it , put it on toast or icecream or ritz crackers for a yummy snack.

Apple butter

To make a single batch (1 jar)

you will need

4-5 medium apples peeled , cored and sliced thin.

1/2 cup brown sugar

A pinch of salt

A dash of cinnamon

A tsp of vanilla

Combine all ingredients into a crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours. You will want to stir this mixture periodically throughout the day.

Now you can do this final step one of two ways. You can leave your Apple butter chunky or you can blend it together until smooth. I use an immersion blender.

It should be a rich brown color and coat the back of a spoon.

Enjoy !

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