Memory makers

Nothing brings me more joy than to do things I know that my mini me and I will cherish forever. Cooking and baking in the kitchen is by far my favorite. We learn and make messes and simply enjoy the time spent together.

Making food from scratch or slice and bake cookies as long as we are doing it together and having a good time together it’s all that matters. I love watching him peer into the oven to try to see the magic happening.

Tonight we made homemade pizza for dinner. It’s a nice change to not have some sort of left overs to figure out what to do with because no one will eat them but I hate throwing them out.

So out came the dough hook and the kitchen aid mixer. Happy Saturday y’all. What do you do for family time ? Dough recipe listed below ! A small science lesson was had about dry yeast. He did not believe me that the little dough ball was going to grow.

Fun fact :

Did you know that active dry yeast was developed during WWII ? It was developed so that the US Army could make bread without having to use refrigeration for the yeast.

It is best to rehydrate your yeast in lukewarm water before use to make sure your yeast is still alive. Depending on the recipe and personal preference I hear that now you can just add it with the other dry ingredients. (I will forever choose to do it the old fashioned way, you know the way grandma did it)

Make sure the water you use is not too hot ( about 105 degrees F should be just fine )or you can kill your yeast and that won’t do you any good when kneading your dough ! It should bubble/foam up after about ten minutes.

Pizza Dough

You will need :

• 2 packets (1/4 ounce each) active dry yeast

• 2 TBSP sugar

• 1/4 cup olive oil (plus a little bit more for the bowl)

• 2 Tsp. salt

• 4 C all-purpose flour (again you’ll need a little more for work surface)

• 1 1/2 cups warm water Its best to have all of your ingredients ready to go for this.

So I started by letting my yeast and hot water sit in my mixing bowl for about 10 minutes.

Then using my dough hook ,turned the mixer on and slowly added the salt, sugar, and olive oil. Once everything was combined I slowly added my flour and turned the mixer on medium-high for a few minutes once all the flour was added.

I have learned over the years that you can’t just use a recipe exactly, you have to have a sense of how things work and feel your way through it. (I have more books on the science of food here than regular reading…. yay for utilizing my culinary arts degree) I ended up having to add about a tablespoon more of oil to my mixture.

Once you’re happy with your product scoop it out and place it in an oiled bowl. Brush a light coating of oil on the top of your dough ball, cover and allow it to sit in a warm place undisturbed for about an hour. Then despite the disbelief of my four year old , it will grow, doubling in size . On a clean and dry surface ( I just use my counter top) sprinkle a thin layer of flour and knead your dough 1-2 times before use. I split this batch in half and then used half to make 4 small personal pizzas. The other half will be used tomorrow to make yummy Parmesan sausage rolls.

I just laid out our usual topping options and everyone made their own pizzas. Bake your pizzas in a 375 degree oven for 10-15 minutes and enjoy ! You can freeze any unused dough for up to 3 months. Wrap it in plastic and place it in a freezer bag. Bon Appetit !

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