The disconnect

Hello out there !! 

Have you ever just needed a break ? There is so much connectivity out there I sometimes just need to get back to basics without the phone or internet. As I’m backing out of the driveway and headed to work my phone will prompt and tell me that my normal route is clear and gives me an estimated time of arrival. Facebook reminds me of birthdays, how long I’ve been connected with people on social media and memories of previous posts.  It can all become a little much at times. 

It’s good to reconnect over highlights magazines , real conversations, exploring outside and just enjoying the people around you.  I’d much rather hear my mini me ask for a bedtime story than a movie or favorited tv show before bed. 

I took a short disconnect break from everything and am feeling refreshed except for my torn meniscus. Lots of rest (you know as much as a single boy mom can) and meds to hopefully allow it to heal on its own. Doc seems to think it’s a tiny tear, so I am praying he is right and doing all that is asked of me as a patient. 

It is finally feeling like fall over here, and the leaves have changed and begun to fall off the trees.  Hallmark has started its Christmas movie loop super early but it all seems to fit into the fall theme. 

I just wanted to sit and essentially say hello!    I will be posting some new how to’s and more of that short story I began a few posts back ! I am looking forward to catching up on your blogs as well! 

Happy Saturday y’all ! 

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