Always fornever

 It was a warm spring day . The kind of day where the sky is clear and blue. 

Michelle was sitting on a park bench attempting to read a chapter in a new book while her son played nearby. 

“Mommy look at me!” Her son yelled as he finally made it all the way across the monkey bars. 
She looked up at him and smiled proudly at her sons accomplishment. She took this moment to look around the park at the other people taking in the day. 

A family playing soccer in the far fields, a young couple out for a run on the trail, a new mom trying to decide what she really needs to take with her from the car while her children screamed for her to move faster. 

Michelle smiled as she looked around. She was glad to be at a point of peace in her life, being able to take the time to look around and take it all in.

Across the fence at the pavilion she saw a familiar face. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust as the sun had changed positions. 

It had been years since she saw him. Seven years to be exact since they had been in the same place. Immediately adjusting her hair and remembering their past she smiled. He always brought a smile to her face. 
She couldn’t get back into her book, so she packed up her things and loaded them back into the car. She walked through the gate in the play yard to join her son who desperately wanted her to push him on the swings. 

“Ok sweetheart, I’ll be right over here”, a male nearby exclaimed. 

She looked up again; always taking in her surroundings. That voice. That strong confident tone, she would know it anywhere. It was him. 

He was walking over. Did he notice her? He probably doesn’t even remember her. Before she knew it he was sitting on the bench nearby. 
They exchanged glances and pleasant smiles as strangers tend to do. 

“Michelle, Is that you ?” The man said in a hopeful voice. 

Michelle looked up slowly , hands trembling, 

“Hello Brad, it’s been a long time.”

He couldn’t believe it was her. They sat on the bench and caught up on life as their children played. 

It was as if time stood still and they had never parted. It was always that way with the two of them. 

Reconnecting occasionally throughout the years, drifting away for periods of time for various reasons. The reconnection was always the same , always connected. 
This time was different. It was the first time in their seventeen year relationship that they were both available romantically at the same time. ….
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  1. Love it!!! I’m marrying my long list friend next month. We both went in and out of contact over 12 years and had separate lives. Then suddenly time was right and we are together now. Your writing is amazing! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

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