Giving back

Today is apparently national give back day.  There is a day for everything nowadays , but it’s nice to acknowledge the ones that can create a positive vibe in our lives and communities. An aspect that seems to be missing in our world a bit today.  Kindness and good deeds can still be found, you just have to look for them. 

Ironically, my son and I spent the day giving back to the local community. An old friend of mine was heading up a luncheon for local first responders to encourage the community to come together and to thank those local heros in our lives for everything that they do on a daily basis. 

I saw his posting on social media and request for volunteers and instantly wanted to be apart of this positive event. 

While I have been apart of the first responder group for many years; never once looking for any recognition, it was an honor today to assist in giving back to those that I feel do more to give to the community than I do. 

I decided to take my mini me with me so that he could participate in giving back instead of just knowing that we do. Every year we donate some of his toys and old clothes to those in need, as well as pick an additional charity or event to participate with. 

Normally I would just explain to him about the ways that we give back and help others, but I felt that this time he should be an active participant. 

After helping to set up tables, food etc. , I was assigned to sit at the front door to collect payments and donations. 

I was so proud as my son helped me to greet every person that entered the firehall to participate in this hopefully annual event. Every person that came in was greeted with a smiling face , a welcoming hello and a thank you for coming. 

There is something so heartwarming to know that while you are giving back and teaching your child to be a good human that they just naturally have that spirit about them. 

The other day he informed me that there is a little boy in his classroom that doesn’t have good manners. I asked him if he talks to him and he said yes. So I suggested that he try to help him. 

There is so much negativity going on in our world right now. Today was a glimmer of hope that there are still many good people around. 

The room quickly filled with a very diverse group of people who were all there to give thanks and enjoy a meal together. 

A prayer was said to bless all of the first responders , we stood and recited the pledge of allegiance, and a blessing of the food was read before we served the food. 

I can only hope that more of the positive continues and people continue to come together. 

What ways do you give back ? Please share in the comments below ! 

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