Monday again…

How many of you have decided that on Monday you were going to start fresh?

Start exercising, start a diet, join the YMCA, or just start anything really. Well Monday my dear has come and gone 100 times and you still haven’t started… and neither have I.

Why is it in our human nature to procrastinate so badly on things we really should be doing? I know that I, just like most of you I am sure, am very guilty of doing just that. I have said many a Monday’s that this week will be different!

I will get up 30 minutes early and do a yoga session or get on the elliptical before getting ready for work. Then the alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button … again and again until I have just enough time to get a cup of coffee, a shower and handle the few things I leave for myself to do first thing in the morning before I jet off.

Then at some point in the day I get upset with myself for not getting up and doing what I set out to and promise to make sure that I do something before I go to bed, but then I do the dishes, laundry, homework and get my mini me situated for bed.

The house falls quiet and I sink into a book, the TV, or this blog before going to bed myself.

An endless cycle of “I was gonna.”

We as a whole need to take better care of ourselves. Breaking promises to ourselves to do better and be better serves no one.

I value myself  enough to put in the effort. The key is to make the effort. It may not be easy at first but with anything after a little work it becomes apart of your routine.

Did you know that you really need to taste something about 14 times before you really know if you don’t like it or not?

By cutting out certain processed foods and replacing them with fresh foods, eventually you will crave the processed food less.

I have goals that I want to reach.

I want to be a healthier version of myself  physically and have adapted a slightly new approach to this whole situation.

I will begin tomorrow.

The first day of the month. I intend on bypassing the whole idea of starting on Monday and simply starting on the first of the month.

I will get up a few minutes earlier and get on the elliptical. I know that after I am done I will feel refreshed and energized to begin my day.

Goals…. Monday… we can get through them all with the right mindset, we just have to find it.


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