Taboo Tattoo?

Tattoos. I am totally for them. Have you ever seen the photo of the guy covered from head to toe in tattoos on the left and then the same guy on the right in another photo but he is dressed as a doctor or a soldier? Tattoos, like many things in life are all about perspective when it comes to the opinions of others.

I am covered in tattoos. I have been addicted to them since I got my very first one, the day I turned 18. Since I was the only one in my immediate family to get one I was so very scared to let any of them know. It took a few weeks but I finally told my parents in the most adult like fashion…. I left a with sympathy card on their kitchen table breaking the news and then hid, biting my nails until my phone went off.

While they were not pleased with what I had done, they knew it was a decision I made as an adult and that it wasn’t going to wash away like all the temporary ones I had throughout my childhood. It was there forever.

For me my first tattoo was a symbol of friendship and love. A very dear friend of mine although we barely talk now, also got the same tattoo. Whenever I think about him or life gets hard I think of our tattoo. We are connected forever and whether or not someone else agrees with that, it is how it affects my life. In a positive way.

I have always worked in professional jobs where tattoos are as my title says taboo. Must be covered at all times and you have to pretend they aren’t there at all. Remember that tattoo covered doctor or soldier I mentioned earlier?  Did you know that his tattoos do not stop him from being the best surgeon with steady hands and saving your life. The markings on his skin do not stop him from loading into any military aircraft, leaving behind his home and loved ones to ensure that our country is safe.

With all of that being said. I do think about placement. Every single one of my tattoos can be covered in a professional manor for the office.

For the longest time there were very few people who had any idea of just how much ink I have accumulated and I liked it that way. My tattoos are for me. No, I do not mind others seeing them, and I am happy to share the stories behind them all.

I know that some people will be very judgmental  no matter how tasteful or carefully placed they are. Sometimes especially in the heat of the summer when you can get a glimpse of some of them because of how tank tops are cut I can feel the person behind me in line staring. I never know if they are looking in awe or disgust. One thing I have learned over the years in these situations is that you should be comfortable in your own skin, inked or not.

Yes I am covered in tattoos. Yes I curse, probably more than I should. Yes I use my manners and typically respond with sir and ma’am when addressing an elder. I hold doors open for the person behind me and say thank you when someone does the same for me.

Now I can only speak for myself here, but people get tattoos for a variety of reasons. For me, they are all apart of a different chapter in my life and hold some sort of meaning that is special to that time and special to me. My tattoos are very much apart of my story. They do not stop me from being a good mother or giving each customer the utmost of quality customer service.

Besides all of this. Tattoo artists are just that, artists. Amazing artists who can take an idea or dream from your thoughts and translate it into a beautiful piece of art that they then share with the world.



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